3D Billiards Pool & Snooker PS5 Game


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Let the balls clatter and experience real billiard fun in your own home. Play classic pool or snooker in a variety of different modes. Try to perfect your score in single player or put your skills to the test and play against another player in local multiplayer. You will be accompanied by authentic sounds such as blows, collisions and even the charactersitic sound of the ivory ball rolling on the cloth the convey a real billiard feel. Play in four different rooms like the bar around the corner or the city’s most iconic restaurant. It is the perfect recipe for bringing the real pool experience to the comfort of your own home. nFeaturesnnDifferent Game Modes: Pool (8 ball/9 ball/10 ball) and Snooker nMultiple difficulty levels and register your score on the local leaderboard nChoose 4 detailed rooms to play in, 3 different ball skins, 3 cue skins and 10 characters nPlay all game modes against another player in the local mutiplayer mode and see who is the ultimate champion