Colossus Down PS4 Game


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Nika has just finished the first phase of her plan to destroy everything that isn’t cool: the construction of a combat mecha called MechaNika. There’s no time to lose, so join forces with her, get your hands on Me chaNika’s controls and demolish the entire planet. You have to put an end to history books, planned obsolescence, kitschy dresses, never-ending sagas of boring video games and pea soup.But watch out, because along the way youll realise that she is not the only one that have a plan to change the world, and not everything’s as simple as it might have seemed at the start. Youll have to make some tough and irreversible decisions to achieve your objectives, or renounce them.Features –  Join forces with Nika, get behind the controls of MechaNika and bring an end to everything that isn’t cool.Convert your mission into a cooperative experience for 2 players with Agatha and the Great Bleeding Pig.Manage your resources during combat and execute endless, strategic combos to cause more and more harm to your enemies.Unlock the dumbshredder, the chopping tornado, the groundcracker, the scarlet vomit and up to 8 devastating special attacks.Take on innumerable challenges in a combination of beatem up, shootem up, platforming and puzzles.Discover the Neon District, Candyland and the rest of the Psychotic world through 18 totally distinct levels.Locate all of the geeky references, illustrated in a unique visual style.Revel in an original, varied, dynamic and immersive soundtrack.Take crucial and thought-provoking decisions during your quest and discover the 4 alternative endings for this epic and twistedadventure.Complete the mission with infinite lives or with just one chance in permadeath mode, if you dare…