Crime Boss: Rockay City PS5


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Crime Boss: Rockay City is an organised crime game combining first-person shooter action and turf wars, playable solo or with friends. Take on the role of Travis Baker – a man with his sights set on becoming the new King of Rockay City, one crime at a time.nRockay City. A thriving metropolis buzzing with excitement from sandy bays to towering skyscrapers. But beyond the glamourous neon-lit facades, a fierce turf war is raging.nAfter the demise of the previous crime boss, a power-vacuum has appeared for a new King of Rockay City – and there are many sinister contenders fighting for the throne. Choose your crew based on their skills and expertise, execute daring missions, carry out staggering heists, and maybe you’ll walk away with the cash, the turf and, ultimately, the crown.