Fortnite Anime Legends LATAM PS4 Game (NTSC)


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Reimagine your reality starting October 2022! The Anime Legends Pack makes its premiere at retail on October 14 and in digital stores October 22. This Pack includes ten items total, including new looks for fan-favorite characters. Prepare for the next encounter by gathering your gear, including: * Golden Gear Midas Outfit: Hittin’ the streets and makin’ bank. (Includes helmet alt Style.) * Golden Crash Back Bling: Gold first. Safety second. * 24 Karat Katana Pickaxe: Here comes the gold rush. * Golden Gear Midas has a Golden Touch ability! With his Outfit, apply a golden, toon-shaded wrap to any equipped weapon. * Ricochet Rox Outfit: Everyone’s favorite mecha-fighting miss! * Whirlberry Back Bling: Ricochet Rox’s very best friend! * Blazeberry Blade Pickaxe: Sharp and refreshing. * Ready Penny Outfit: She’s never caught off-guard. * Little Black Bag Back Bling: Has everything Penny could need. * Glimmering Edge Pickaxe: A gold signature original. * Lil’ Kart Emote: Take a lil’ lap around the lil’ track. DISCOVER MORE WAYS TO PLAY Create, play, and battle with friends for free in Fortnite. Explore concerts, live events, games, and more or be the last player standing in Battle Royale and Zero Build. *Add-on game content only; delivered in-game with redemption code. Requires free download of Fortnite.