Hori Fighting Stick Mini (PS4/PS3/PC)

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Officially licensed by SonyrntrnttCompatible with PlayStation 4/PlayStation 3/ PCrntrnttVery compact arcade stick for all the action and fighting game on PS4rntrntt3m cablerntrntt8 buttons and lever onlyrnrnrntThe official Sony-licensed Fighting Stick Mini 4 from genre stalwarts Hori is the perfect companion accessory for beat 'em up fanatics on the go. Easily transportable – its compact build houses 8 buttons with 4/8 turbo settings, a typically sturdy, quick Hori fighting lever and a functioning Share Button (to ensure your dank KOs don't go unrecorded). The cable is 3 metres long. Spark out your friends in style with the Fighting Stick Mini 4 by Hori.