iMP Star Striker Trigger & Thumb Grips (Green) Xbox One | Xbox Series X


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iMP Gaming are proud to announce the soon to be released new Trigger Treadz combo packs.nntFollowing the success of Trigger Treadz and Thumb Treadz, these combo packs are targeted at gamers requiring increased control for specific gaming genres, enhancing the gaming experience whilst making a great addition to any controller!nntAvailable in October, the new packs are;nntnttCombat Elite – available for PS4 in Urban Camo, and XBOX One in Blue and Green Camo versions. Includes 2 Camo All-Terrain Trigger Treadz and one hi concave and one lo convex dimple Thumb Tread.ntnttStar Striker – Available for PS4 and XBOX One in Green. Includes 2 Green All Terrain Trigger Treadz and 2 Lo Convex Dimple Thumb Treadz.