Instant Sports All-Stars PS5 Game (NTSC)


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In INSTANT SPORTS All-Stars, you can play a variety of feel-good activities directly inspired by All-american favorite sports! In INSTANT SPORTS, everyone can play with ease by simply moving with the motion-gaming of the Nintendo Switch. You can also play in the regular way on both Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5 through button mode! Experience America through 8 sports and activities: Baseball, American soccer, field hockey, basketball, bowling, shooting and soccer! Let’s also not forget the Burger Tower! Play in 3 environments: the warm atmosphere of a stadium, the energy of the city and the heat of the western. Let’s triple your enjoyment! Travel without even getting off your couch. INSTANT SPORTS All-Stars is extremely easy to play with simplified controls or even motion-gaming on Nintendo Switch. From your little brother to your grandmother to your friends, everyone can play INSTANT SPORTS All-Stars and have INSTANT fun!